Membership Information and Benefits

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Beaver River Property Owners Association!

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Founded on October 6, 1956, the original purpose of our organization was to “protect Beaver River from the inevitable envelopment by outside civilization and at the same time improve local conditions as they now exist…Country such as this is a God given heritage and it is up to each and every one of us to preserve it so that future generations can know and enjoy it as we have for these many years.” Some 50+ years later, our purpose – as stated in our Bylaws – remains much the same.

BRPOA members receive the following benefits:

  • A voice on ownership decisions of the docks at Grassy Point (under the Association’s dock permit) and other vital issues
  • Eligibility to operate a hi-rail (track) vehicle under the Association’s rail permit*
  • President’s monthly newsletter covering a wide variety of topics of interest and importance in and around Beaver River
  • Additional pertinent communications and meeting minutes so that members can stay informed
  • Full access to the BRPOA web site
  • Membership in an organization that is recognized by local, county and state governments and other government entities
  • Truthful, accurate information – not rumors – on issues of importance to the community

In recent years, the BRPOA has advocated and lobbied for fair property assessments and taxes in Beaver River. The Association has also supported efforts to establish, improve or maintain community services including the Town of Webb’s Bti program and road maintenance, Big Moose hi-rail search and rescue service, emergency medical kit, fire protection, 911, the emergency siren, trash pick-up building in Stillwater, permission to leave boats unattended in a parking lot in Stillwater, town clean-ups, and preserving Beaver River in its isolated state.

Dues are $10.00 per member annually. Each property is limited to two memberships or two votes. If you own property in Beaver River and you’d like to support the Association and its work on your behalf, download a membership application now.

For questions regarding membership or the Association, please feel free to contact President Joe Holtmann or any Board Member.