I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Dennis Slater, president of the Beaver River Property Owners Association (BRPOA). My wife, Jackie, and I purchased property in Beaver River in 2005. Our cabin is located at the end of West Branch Road. I’m a retired school teacher, and Jackie is a retired legal secretary and bookkeeper. Although our permanent residence is in Roxbury in the Catskill Mountains, we spend a great deal of time in Beaver River during the summer. Please stop by when you’re in town. My door is always open.

I initially discovered Beaver River when I visited my twin brother at his cabin. I immediately fell in love with everything Beaver River stands for — the pristine forest, abundant wildlife, friendly people and its isolation from the hustle and bustle of the “real world”. Beaver River cannot be accessed by normal means. We have no road to the outside world, and the only way to reach Beaver River is by watercraft on the Stillwater Reservoir in the summer and by snowmobile utilizing the railroad from Big Moose to Beaver River in the winter.

Our little Adirondack village, located on the northeastern shore of Stillwater Reservoir, consists of approximately 125 privately owned properties and several businesses. At present, there are only eight people who call Beaver River home permanently. Although Beaver River has no electricity, residents have found alternative methods to exist comfortably. Electricity is produced by generator/inverter systems, and many folks have installed solar panels. Also, a majority of cabins are equipped with LP gas lights.

BRPOA was organized many years ago to “band together the citizens of the community who are interested in helping safeguard the future of Beaver River, to develop and promote a universal appreciation of the isolation of Beaver River, and protect against any change as it now exists in its isolated state.” I whole-heartedly support this statement. One of my goals during my term as president of BRPOA is to promote greater transparency of club concerns and decisions. Also, I will encourage and support understanding and compromise. I believe there is a great need to unify the community so that those things we cherish about Beaver River continue to exist for future generations.

Beaver River is a very special place that we all love. If we come together to support common goals, we can preserve the uniqueness of our beautiful isolated community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Dennis Slater, President, BRPOA